For the groomsmen….

Who does the toast?

It is etiquette for the toast to be proposed before dinner. It is a good idea to get your champagne ready and poured about 5 minutes prior to dinner being served. Your DJ will quiet the crowd and then formally introduce The Best Man for his toast. It is not uncommon for The Maid/Matron of Honor to also propose a toast. In some cases, The Bride and/or Groom’s parents may also like to propose a toast. It is etiquette for The Best Man to be first, followed by The Maid/Matron of Honor, and then anyone else. If you are going to have a prayer before dinner this should always be last after any and all toasts.


What is this garter business all about?

The bouquet is thrown first to the single ladies. Second, the garter is removed from the leg of the bride, by the groom, and then thrown to the single gentlemen. Traditionally, the person who catches the bouquet, and the person who catches the garter, do the reverse, that is, the gentleman who catches the garter puts it on the leg of the lady who catches the bouquet. In our experience, we see this done less and less and, in some cases, the bride and groom elect to forego the garter removal altogether. As to when this should be done, there are 2 options; Some brides choose to do this immediately after the last special dance song so they can be done with all the formalities and then just enjoy their party. Also, this is the last of the formal pictures to be taken, so if you are on a tight time limit with your photographer, this might be a good option for you. In most cases, the bride & groom prefer to wait 30-45 minutes into the general dancing before doing the bouquet & garter

Ever heard of  the dollar dance?

This is usually done anywhere from 30-60 minutes after the general dancing has started. Your guests come up and dance with you and give you a dollar to do so. The only downfall of a dollar dance is that it can be very time consuming, especially at larger receptions. If you decide on doing a dollar dance, we highly recommend having an organized plan! Before the day of your wedding, talk with your Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor and assign them to be your collectors; They will stand at the head of each line and collect the money for you. In addition, they need to keep the line moving, no more than 1 minute per person. If your guests dance with you any longer than this, you are liable to burn 30 or more minutes of your reception with the dollar dance. Dollar dances are still somewhat popular, and as long as you can keep it within a reasonable time frame, the guests generally like them!

Tipping duties.

If the groom is not available, to do so, it falls to the either the best man or the father of the bride to make sure the wedding reception staff receives a tip. At the end of the reception, the BM simply hands the envelope to the maître d’.

Likewise, at the end of the evening it is up to the BM to hand the tip to the limo driver or transportation pro.

Same deal with the band members/musicians/DJ and the officiant- all are expecting to be tipped.

We recommend that the BM and the FOB (father of the bride) have a private discussion with the groom  as to how this will get done on the day.